July 12, 2018 @ 8:00AM EST

Don't waste any more time hoping that qualified leads fall into your lap. Make 2018 the year you create a marketing strategy and tackle it head-on!

Does any of this sound familiar?


∙ Throwing away money on ads that don't produce
∙ Entertaining the idea of hiring a telemarketer
  because you're out of lead generating ideas

∙ Worrying because your sales numbers aren't
  where you would like them to be

∙ Wondering if ‘hope’ maybe isn’t the most effective
  marketing strategy out there?

Likely you'd much prefer...

∙ Spending most of your time on the golf course while
  periodically checking your dashboard to see new qualified leads
  coming in
∙ Meeting with qualified prospects and converting them into

∙ Celebrating the fact that you've surpassed your sales goals by
  taking your team out to lunch

∙ Spending more time working on
  your business as opposed to in your business

∙ Freedom from constantly worrying about sales projections

In this engaging webinar you'll learn:
How to use lead magnets and landing pages to attract the prospects you want to work with
How to determine which type of lead magnet (whitepapers, checklists, guides or coupons) is the most effective for your audience
How to drive traffic to your landing pages
How to begin building a relationship with your prospects without lifting a finger
Are ready to start filling your funnel with qualified prospects and increasing your revenue?
Join us on July 12 from 8:00-9:00 AM!
Meet the Expert
"If there is one phrase my clients and colleagues hear the most from me it’s “I have an idea!” Ideas bring about change. I love helping my clients grow their businesses and become more successful. I do this by implementing innovative, yet cost-effective marketing strategies that result in new customer acquisition and increased client retention rates". - Kari Switala, Wild Fig Marketing